Cupping Therapy

Pink Nails specialises in Cupping Therapy certified from the US. Read More..

Nail Spa

Pink Nails keeps up with the Global trends and techniques, with experience and certification from U.S, Has inspired us to bring the latest trends and technologies to India. Read More..

Nail Salon

Our mission at Pink nails Salon is to bring to you a “Boutique Style” experience to your beauty needs as well as provide a full-service one location facility. Read More..

Nail Extensions Acrylic & Gel

Acrylic - No more using of too much files and buffers on the nail paint and making it painful. We work in a very different way. We sculpt acrylic nails for clients as per their requirement. Read More..

Nail Art

Pink Nails the latest's in nail fashion Nail wraps such as the metallic nails range. These wraps are pre-printed designs from a digital printer, allowing for complex patterns and reflective metallic finishes that are not possible through traditional methods. Read More..

Nail Academy

Nail Academy: Pink Nails is a full service nail salon and nail art training institute based in Mumbai, India. We are a team of professional nail art and nail care technicians led by U.S.A CERTIFIED “DIVYA TECKCHANDANI”, our master educator. Read More..

After Peel

Organic Peel being done on client for pigmentation, After peel. The most effective Non-chemical peel ever developed. We at Pink Nails are the 1st to introduce Organic Skin peels in India. So we know what we do. Safe results, Fast results, Amazing Results. We radically improve the health and appearance of your skin with natural Organic Ingredients. The only side effect is that the results are a little over whelming. Don't damage your skin with chemical products when you can get better, faster results with our 100% Natural treatment. No doubt we provide best organic skin peels in Mumbai.

Organic Peels

We have introduced organic peels in India, We treat acne, Pigmentation, various skin problems, we specialise in skin. Read More..


Finding a non-toxic facial is one of the most important things you can do for the health and beauty of your skin. All chemical and most natural facials compromise the protective barrier of the skin. Read More..

Hot Oil Manicure & Pedicure

Pink nail has introduced hot oil manicure and hot oil pedicure in India. We use special machine and special oil from US for hot oil manicure and hot oil pedicure treatment. Read More..

Basic Manicure and Basic Pedicure

Manicure came from the Latin word manus meaning hands and, again cura, meaning care. So manicure is the care of the hands. Read More..

Callus Removals

Ut imperdiet vestibulum posuere. In vel ante auctor, fermentum turpis et, tincidunt ligula. Praesent sit amet tristique metus. Nulla rutrum condimentum pretium. Integer ut bibendum lectus. Read More..

Hair Salon

Pink Nails offers Global Hair Colouring in a wide range of colours to make you look smart. A competent and professional haircut is the basis of good hairdressing. Read More..

Shellac or gel polish

Shellac or gel polish at Pink Nails stays for a month. No chipping no lifting. Shellac or gel polish is an excellent choice for durable nails, but you should start with healthy fingernails. Read More..

Nail Overlays

At Pink Nails we provide best nail overlays in Mumbai by adding an extra layer of protection that may make the nails less prone to breakages and splits. Read More..