Manicure Pedicure Services

Pink nail has introduced hot oil manicure and hot oil pedicure in India. We use special machine and special oil from US for hot oil manicure and hot oil pedicure treatment. A hot oil manicure is a specific type of manicure that cleans the cuticles and softens them with oil. It works well for dry skin and nails that are brittle as it improves them both by leaving them soft and pliable. it protects the nail bed from having these lines and ridges to prevent that. The hot oil manicure pedicure takes care of that.

Manicures We at Pink Nails believe that Warm touch reflects your inner glow. Warm your hands and heart with this manicure created especially for dry, chapped skin. It's extremely soothing and moisturizing to tired overworked hands. It's excellent for softening and grooming the cuticles. You can be sure that our technicians are highly experienced, follow the highest level of Spa sanitation and give you a memorable experience.
Pedicures Pink Nails offers to treat your feet to our 'Signature' pedicure. Begin relaxing your feet in an aromatherapy whirlpool soak that begins your sense of well being. Well rested and cared for feet are a source of wellbeing and relief which should not be neglected. After soaking, our technician cuts and shapes your toes nails. We care for your cuticles, remove tough dry, dead skin. Your legs and feet are exfoliated, deeply moisturized with a hydrating masque. Let us continue this experience with a massage that stimulates and softens tired, stressed feet while you ask yourself, "why has it been so long?”

Best Manicure Pedicure in Bandra Mumbai

Manicure came from the Latin word manus meaning hands and, again cura, meaning care. So manicure is the care of the hands. Manicures and pedicures are similar but not quite the same. In a manicure your fingernails are trimmed (if desired), soaked in a finger bowl with warm soapy water, filed, and ridges are buffered off the surface of the nail. The cuticles are softened, pushed back, and possibly removed. Dirt is cleaned out from under the free edge (the part that hangs over and extends beyond your fingers) of your nails and brushed with a nail brush. As is the surface of your nails. A hand massage is performed with lotion and in some cases an arm massage too. Then fingernails are painted with a base coat, two coats of desired color, and a top coat. That's a basic manicure.