Hair Services in Mumbai

Pink Nails offers Global Hair Colouring in a wide range of colours to make you look smart. A competent and professional haircut is the basis of good hairdressing. You should be able to create styles by using different cutting techniques. Hair types and specific requirements.

Hair should be clean and free of products before cutting. If the style is layered, the hair should be trimmed one layer at a time to protect the integrity of the style. All types of hair should be regularly trimmed to keep it looking its best. Short styles should be trimmed more frequently because growth is more noticeable. Generally, short hair should be trimmed every 4-6 weeks. Longer styles can be trimmed every 8-10 weeks, though long locks may develop split ends or other damage that could require more frequent trimming.

Pinknails is a major name in Indian hairdressing. We have established several benchmarks around hair. Whatever the type of hairstyle you seek, Pinknails, the leading Best Hair Services in Mumbai styles one for you. From back-stage to on-stage, classic to contemporary, simple to outrageous, commercial to avantgarde, Pinknails has a flair for hair. We have strong foundation in teaching and attention to detail. The salon has become a creative force in the hair education earned recognition for innovative and advanced cutting and coloring techniques.

Pinknails, a renowned Best Hair Services in Bandra has years of experience in working with the world's leading hair care-brands thus created a niche for himself in the hair styling Diaspora. At lively and welcoming Pinknails, we maintain the highest standards of service and provides extensive client consulting whenever client needs.

Best Salon for Hair Services in Bandra, Mumbai

The Hair Services in Mumbai ensures exclusive and personalized service and fashionably styled hair having individual personalities in mind. We style haircuts and designs as per clients’ lifestyles and preferences. This perfectionism and zeal for detailing has gained the salon lots of celebrity clients, including famous industry icons, movie stars, top models and television soap actors.

Pinknails has organized several hair shows, workshops and seminars elaborating the nuances of modern hair styling techniques. The salon runs its own academy that offers aspirants professional hair styling courses and professional workshops. Here individuals can learn the core techniques of hair cutting and styling using advanced and the latest equipments.

Being the leading Hair Services in Bandra, we have a team of hair styling professionals who strive for creativity and have desire to learn more. This helps themserve our clients better. With our contagious enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit, Pinknails has mentored several students who have become successful salon owners or well known hair stylists.